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Welcome to Multirotoruk, the only name you need for the latest developments in remote control drone technology, including off-the-shelf models that are ready to fly and the customisations of RC drones to meet your own individual specifications. As authorised DJI dealers we offer high-quality drones that have been built to the most rigorous standards, delivering high performance and remarkable durability.

RC Drone Photography

We supply a wide variety of aerial platforms capable of an even greater variety of tasks and accepting your choice of payloads - from the latest GoPro cameras to inspection equipment. Whether you’re engaged in security, photography or wildlife monitoring, our UAVs can provide a point of view that would be otherwise impossible. RC drones offer far greater flexibility than traditional methods of aerial photography, and their stability and precision control enables you to achieve stunning results when coupled with a good quality camera, delivering smooth, stable video or crisp high-definition photographs, and when compared to a full-size helicopter and camera operator our drones can return the same results at a fraction of the price.


Browse our selection of remote control drones and you’ll find a range of models suitable for every purpose and budget - including quadcopters, hexacopters and octocopters that can be easily controlled through traditional hand-held transmitters or programmed via a touch-screen device including iPhone and iPad. It’s never been this easy or affordable to get broadcast-quality footage at a moment’s notice - just fit your camera and take to the skies, you can even monitor everything your camera sees through the FPV (First Person View) accessories we also offer.

To complement the sales of our UAV, drones and aerial platforms, we provide solid support and a huge range of ancillary products to enhance or maintain your drone. If you’re collecting your drone from our London location we’ll be happy to give you a tutorial on drone basics, enabling you to gain familiarity and confidence even quicker with your new drone and associated software.

Solid Remote Control Support

Browse our range of RC drones now and order online for fast shipping direct to your door - many of our drones feature a choice of camera mounts for even greater versatility.


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