Multirotoruk in collaboration with T&T Aerial Photography and Surveying Ltd. proudly introduce the first Aerial Photography - Entry level training available on the market. 


Aerial photography based on the RC drones, also known as multirotors, is a new and dynamically developing branch of the photographic industry.  This type of technology opens completely new territories for amateur and professional photographers alike. Along the novel possibilities come completely different challenges, which have to be overcome in order to execute the best shots. If you are determined to fit into the new role and feel confident while taking pictures using a Remote Control Drone, you must have combined knowledge of the equipment, the air traffic law, as well as good flying skills. Our training aims to cover all those aspects, so you can always achieve optimal results when flying your UAV in a safe and efficient way.

Please note that our course is not meant to provide formal qualifications but rather to equip you with practical knowledge of various aspects related to operating an RC drone.


Aerial Photography Training - Entry level Programme:




•Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, what are they?


•Multirotors - how do they work?


•Various types and applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles






•Where to fly?


•Operation limitations




•safety features


•basic techniques used in aerial shooting


•demonstration of wide range of multirotor functions provided by a professional drone pilot


Please contact us on 07725 482 695 or 020 8450 9819 if you are interested and would like to discuss details.





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