FPV Systems and Equipment

First Person View (FPV) systems encompass a range of specialist video equipment that allows you to get a perspective that’s usually reserved for birds and pilots. Used in tandem with a remote control drone you’ll be able to see from above and into previously inaccessible areas.

We’re got complete sets of FPV equipment that include wireless cameras, video links and video goggles or ground stations with LCD monitors. All equipment is also available to purchase separately so you can build up an FPV system that suits you.FPV Systems and equipment box set

If you’re looking for total ease we’ve even got ready to fly drones to pair with complete FPV units so you’re ready to fly and capture images as quickly as possible.

Who uses FPV equipment?

FPV equipment is suitable for professional and amateur applications

RC drone enthusiasts will love the added thrill that FPV offers. Live video adds another dimension to the experience of flying drones; allowing you to navigate from the perspective of the drone and shoot video or take photographs.

The photographic opportunities of FPV systems make them perfect for professional photographers seeking a way to shoot aerial photography. RC drones can reach the same altitude as low flying helicopters. You’ll be able to get the kind of shots you want without the cost of a helicopter ride. Take a look at our range of camera gimbals to get the perfect shot.

RC drones mounted with a camera are suitable for use in a range of other industries too such as surveillance, TV and film, construction planning and solar panel mapping.

The best FPV equipment all in one place

We stock video goggles, ground stations, video transmitter equipment, camera gimbals and wireless cameras from top brands such as Fat Shark, Team Black Sheep, GoPro and Seetec.

Our team is on hand to offer advice on all our products and help you find exactly what you need. Whether you’re experienced or new to FPV systems you’ll find a host of high quality equipment below that will change the way you fly.

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